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"Methods are only as effective as the individuals trained to use them."

Advertised Search

Our understanding and experience in Advertised Search enables us to portray the right images for our clients in their respective market arenas. This method is encouraged especially in such situations when:

  • Our clients have just entered into the market or located themselves into a new region and wish to highlight this to the market at large.
  • Our clients wish to attract a larger pool of professionals from a specific market sector.
  • Our clients' brand name will assist in attracting the ideal professionals in terms of company culture and environment.
  • Our clients choose to advertise multiple job roles.

Executive Search

This method of recruitment identifies the top professionals, who are successfully performing a specific role within a particular industry sector. Utilising this method, our consultants will be able to identify and approach the most suitable individual, who is able to add value to our clients' business, now and in the future.

Executive Search is the most suitable option when:

  • Our clients have a specific role to fill and there are only a few individuals performing such duties in the market.
  • There is a need for some sensitivity and discretion to be involved in the replacement.
  • Our clients are reluctant to disclose appointments, which indicate their future strategies or changes in company policies, to the market or their competitors.

File Search

Our frequently updated database of Professionals and Clients enables our consultants to access a wide range of information at the touch of a button.

This allows us to provide our clients with exclusive details of top professionals in each area of specialisation, as well as the opportunity to choose from a number of suitable professionals.

The use of our database as a search mechanism has enabled us to assist our clients to react quickly to the changes in the market place. From relevant skills to salary ranges, this method matches a complete set of criteria of our clients' requirements.

All three methods can be employed, together or separately,
depending on the nature and scope of the role.
Our consultants are trained to advise you appropriately.

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